• We are elsaeeda for icing sugar where it was established in 2007
  • The operations in the grinding of sugar and always strive constantly to achieve the wishes and aspirations of our valued customers
  • For that we apply the latest systems of quality systems in the world
  • In order that was obtained international quality certificates
  • Quality certificate FSSC 2200/2010
  • Quality certificate OHSAS 18001/2007
  • Quality certificate ISO 9001/1998
  • Quality certificate ETI
  • The company is committed to achieving and maintaining excellence in quality and occupational health and safety and food safety
  • And conducted in a manner which our quality of performance and protection and safety of the health of employees, customers and the society in which we operate
  • which indicates the approach Alastaibagy toward mastery and continuous improvement and achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction.